The development history of more than ten years is also a history of continuous breakthrough and innovation

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The company has blanking, forging, heat treatment, physical and chemical, machine processing of the whole process production line. With 8MN fast forging machine, 2500T hydraulic press, 6300T hydraulic press, 300T expansion machine, 1000T expansion machine, 3500T expansion machine, with 500mm precision CNC ring rolling machine, 800T vertical ring rolling machine, with 1600mm precision CNC ring rolling machine, with 2500mm precision CNC ring rolling machine, with 4500mm precision CNC ring rolling machine The machine can produce all kinds of ordinary ring forgings and ring forgings with shaped complex section of superalloy, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, structural steel and other materials, and the specifications can involve the height of 1.05 meters and the diameter of 5 meters. The company has all kinds of CNC machine tools and ordinary machine tools more than 60 sets, can be all kinds of forging machining, machining precision is high, can meet the needs of different users for products.


5000 tons hydraulic press

6300T hydraulic press

1.6m CNC vertical car

1.25 m CNC vertical car

Automatic blanking arm

CNC lathe - blanking

CNC metal band sawing machine

Blanking - CNC lathe

300 vertical rolling ring

700 vertical rolling rings

Automatic blanking line

Heat treatment hardening line

Automatic cutting saw

1600mm precision CNC ring rolling machine

2500T hydraulic press

4500mm precision CNC ring rolling machine

Flexible intelligent production line for aviation ring forging

Aviation ring forging flexible intelligent production line integrates equipment + big data + intelligent manufacturing, creating a new model of high-end industrialization development, defining aviation forging 2.0. The interconnection of automation equipment, the intelligent link of information system, equipment, materials and other process units, realizes the controllability of the whole manufacturing process of hot processing enterprises, the digitization of the deformation process, the conservation of materials and energy, and solves the general industry problems of extensive forging production management, the quality of the production process depends on the experience of the operator, and the instability of product quality.

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